NSL, No-Pro Invitational 2021


No-Pro Invitational canceled just got the message from the municipality of Vila do Bispo (who gave us their word the event would be possible to run if all other associations would agree. (What they did) but 3 days before the date of the competition the capitania of Lagos emailed that they did not encourage the event happening in bathing season. (The last 2 editions the no-pro was Only possible in bathing season because at that time there are lifeguards on stand by on the beach.) for this reason we opted for the first weekend of June instead of an earlier date. The municipality does not give us the licenses we need to run the No-Pro. We are busy with the license since the middle of April & all looked like done until last evening. The other surf competition for the youth-pros is also canceled with the same weird excuse. We can only fight the decision over the email and they won’t ever reply us back before Saturday. Therefore I have to give the sad news the No-Pro is officially off for Saturday the 5th of June. Thank you for your stoke & support. As soon as we know if it’s possible to sort out a different date we will let you know. Please save the prizes for us for next edition!!!



16 Riders, boys, and girls mixed. Every competitor can choose the board he/she thinks is best for the conditions we’re facing. 4 Riders per heat, 2 loose, 2 advances into the next round. The winners are chosen by our pro judging panel- (No discussion possible).

Competitor List 

The third edition of the ‘No-Pro’ is coming up. here you will find all the info about the competition.
competitors list: 

  1. Nils Tresmil
  2. Martijn Laagv
  3. Nicholas Gillot
  4. Rita Almeida
  5. Josie 
  6. Sara Bolognini
  7. Sara Joao
  8. Joao T Feria
  9. melissa pepper
  10. Nathalie (yogarama_uk)
  11. Valerie murphy
  12. Sergio AR
  13. Saskya Hengsterman
  14. Julian 
  15. Matisse Kooks
  16. Jana Bomhoff
  17. Bjarne
  18. Tom Stewart Leech
  19. Isabella
  20. Trystan  Hopgood

Back Up:
Girls: Ines Goncalves
Men: eduardo

 New, Foomie heat:


Every competitor that owns a soft-top can join in this heat. The soft-top heat will be taking place after the 4 first rounds of competition. All the competitors that own a foomie/ soft top (*or can arrange one) will go all together in the line up. (very hard to judge.) 
– Best wipe out, 
– Best party wave
– best trick


In the third edition of the No-Pro we take a more professional approach to the Judging. We will be hosting a professional judge teamed up with some local hero’s. 

In the first edition we tried a very idealistic idea (stolen from off-piste snowboarding) where every rider/ competitor is also judge and everone basically Judges each other. This was a mess.
The second event we had an ALL GIRL JUDGING PANEL:
– Rita Bonita (one of the real locals in this event and is only allowed cause she stopped competing professional.)
– Camilla la Italiana (The soul surfster from Italy (with an accent that everyone should have.)
– Marieke Marreck (aka Peeky Poncho, the Dutch Charger)
– Kinga Markiewicz (the surfing beauty from Poland)

Sponsors and prizes:


The place to be if you’re on a trip and looking for more than just perfect waves. Bura Surfhouse is a very important financial sponsor of the event

Really stoked to announce that our local surfshop will support us with lot’s of goodies and prizes!!!

Coffee and waves will make sure every competitor (*and a few lucky ones) have enough caffeine to start their heats.

A legend in and outside this region. Our local shaper will come and showcase some of his work!

The Hangout is giving away a dinner cheque for two persons and supporting to help the event exist.
The Lagos ocean sports club with founder and long time coach/ Judge Miguel Ferreira will make the duo of pro judges complete.
last minute extra sponsor with some amazing prizes for our competitors!
algarve sportland
The guys from Algarve Sportland backing us up with some amazing prizes for the competitors!