Niels Sam surfing Meia Praia


Meia Praia is one of the very few beaches where we get to surf Portuguese waves in boardshorts sometimes. Consider yourself lucky if you hit Lagos with the right swell directions during summer for this!

Big surf Meia Praia

Surf Meia Praia

Surf at Meia Praia beach in Lagos is not very common but when the right swell hits it, it usually results in friendly waves. The beach has a sandy bottom without rocks and can get busy but due to it’s many peaks it does not feel so crowded.

General information

Meia Praia is amongst longest beaches of the Algarve. It stretches over 5 kilomters from Lagos towards Alvor and is located only a short walk from Lagos’ town center. Mostly because of that, it is a popular beach tourism destination in summer. There is plenty of free parking space around and a good number of beach bars, although most of them do close in the winter months.

When to surf Meia Praia

Meia Praia is one of Europe’s largests open lagoons and south east facing. Therefore it offers calm waters most of the days. But with the right swell and wind direction, it brings plenty of good waves right on our doorstep. This beach starts working at 3ft and up to around 6ft when it usually becomes too rippy and almost impossible to paddle out. Most commonly, the surf at Meia Praia is a friendly and mellow wave up to 4ft. It breaks quite close to shore which makes it great for beginner-intermediates. But don’t be fooled: there are plenty of days where this beach becomes every surfer’s best friend and you’ll see fresh students and local rippers sharing Meia Praia’s amazing surf.

What should I pay attention to when surfing at Meia Praia?

When the surf at Meia Praia is on, it is often the place to be for beginner-intermediates and there are no rocks to worry about. But make sure you speak to a local and be aware of strong rip currents when the waves are bigger. The presence of surf schools is usually a good indicator that it’s safe to go in. During summer this beach can be packed with beach goers, swimmers and surf schools alike. Always be careful with swimmers in the front and keep an eye out for the buoys indicating boat zones as well. And as usual, give enough space to the locals who want to enjoy it as well when the surf finally hits their homespot.

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Want to hit Meia Praia at the right time for good surf?

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