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Sugar and spice and everything nice

heavy day at zavial algarve south coast

This week I have the honor to guide a good friend and her mates. After a visit to Magic Board Center to rent some minimals and one brand new Chilli 6.2 for one of the guys, they were ready to hit the water early morning.

Today was the perfect example of why it’s an advantage to have knowledge about how certain spots react to certain swells. The forecast for our homespot looked off the charts. 1,5 – 2 meters with 16 seconds. But as slightly expected it didn’t actually come through as such. Half of our group jumped in here to hunt down some mellow waist high waves and I continued onwards down the coast knowing that another spot might deliver what my guiding guest was hoping for.

And deliver it did!

Some high waves is what he was looking for and some high waves is what he got! Big, barreling, bad-ass high waves. With only a few guys out we got plenty to choose from until a particular spicy set came bearing down and slightly reshaped my guest’s rental board. But well… shit happens and it didn’t wipe the smile from his face. Instead he grabbed the camera and took some awesome shots until I was seeing stars as well.

Always great when someone knows how to take a beating! Now let’s go on the hunt for a new board.

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