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Surf Praia Cordoama


Surf Praia Cordoama

Cordoama is one of the many beaches on the west coast. With reef/rocks and sandbars spread out over the full length of the beach. This place will offer different types of waves. Depending on the swell this beach break ranges from beginner friendly to stuff for pro’s only. This place can have a lot of current. There are some tricky rocks under water so make sure you know where they hide.

General Information

The surf beach of Cordoama is located just outside the town of Vila do Bispo and easy to get to by car. There is quite a big parking space. There is also a Surfschool that will provide surf lessons in season and it’s also possible to rent equipment. In summer a cute little beach bar/restaurant with terrace and toilet are opened (no wetsuits allowed!). Lifeguards keep an eye on the summer crowds as well.

When is the surf best in Cordoama

Facing north-west this spot is a good swell magnet. This break can have many faces and can change four times a day. There is no protection from the wind. Mainly because of the rocky bottom the waves seem to have a little more power than you would think (judging from the beach.)  

This pace can probably hold up to 8ft waves, but with this size it’s pro’s only.
The black cliffs surrounding the beach are very impressive. If you still have energy left after your surf you could hike up one of them and have a spectacular view over the ocean and cliffs of the Algarve.

Surf risk factors in Cordoama

The main surf risk at Cordoama is the (hidden) rocks. Be aware where to surf and what the tide is doing. When the swell becomes somewhat bigger, local surfers will be ripping these waves. Always make sure to respect them and give them space. Cordoama has many peaks so it’s often worth to walk a bit and check out if there is a peak with not already (a lot) of other surfers. (don’t be a  cheep!) As usual, keep an eye out for rips, especially when the waves get bigger and near the rocks.

Fun fact Cordoama

Sometimes the beach turns into a ghost movie with the mist of the waves drifting from the ocean. 

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