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Mareta Surf beach surf guide algarve

Surf Mareta

Mareta is not your most common surf beach in the region of Sagres or the Algarve. But even without waves this beach is a must visit. Located right on the edge of Sagres. With the famous fortress on your right and big cliffs all around. Especially in the summer months this is a perfect beach for families, swimming and sunbathing. There are two restaurants on the beach and a lot more on the boulevard. And ones the swell kicks in, this place changes completely. 

General information

The beach of Mareta is really easy to find. There is plenty of parking space right next to the beach and a little further uphill. *all free. 
For the sunset this is not the best beach as the spot faces south. The sky will change some beautiful colours but you will not see the sun set in the sea.


When is best to surf Mareta

With the beach facing south it is no secret Mareta catches up South swells. This more locally produced waves often have a shorter period and because of this a little bit less power than the west coast surf spots. That said, this place can turn into a board breaking machine even when the waves are just slightly overhead. So do not get mistaken about the power of the waves. Tides are a huge factore anywhere in the Algarve. Also at Mareta. If you are not sure, ask your surf guide. 

Surf risk factors in Mareta

Like any other spot the ocean always brings in some risk. But Mareta has a few that you have to be extra careful of.
Make sure you surf the place at a right tide. When the tide is wrong it can turn in to a very heavy close out wave. Even when the swell is small. There are a few rocks hidden under the water especially on the far left and right side of the beach. In the middle it is all sand. Because Mareta is flat most of the year there are a lot more weever fish than other surf spots around. The Weever fish buries himself in the sand showing just their eyes waiting for small prey. They have a few very ugly poison spikes on their back and if you are unlucky and step on one of them it will hurt *a lot. Depending on the size of the fish it helps to put your foot in hot water. Or keep surfing… Last but not least, be extra respectful for the local crew. This is a spot in the hart of Sagres. The vibe usually is very friendly in any surfspot but the people that are born and raised here do not always enjoy it when tourists flog their beach to surf. Be respectful, give the Portuguese looking person next to you that first wave, all good. 

Fun Fact Mareta

The best after surf italian restaurant is located right next to the beach of Mareta. It is called The Hangout. Our friend owns the place and creates miracles on your plate every time again. Also very welcome for just a coffee or a beer. 

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