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Surf Zavial

surf zavial barrel set up

Surf Zavial

Zavial is one of the many beaches on the south coast. With sandbars spread out over the full length of the beach. This place will offer different types of waves. True potential of zavial is the right hand point break off the rocks on the right side of the beach. Depending on the swell this beach break ranges from beginner friendly to stuff for pro’s only. This place can look far much more easy and makeable than it actually is. Make sure you know what you are up for.

General information

The surf beach of Zavial is located just outside the small town of Raposeira and easy to get to by car. There is a parking space next to the beach in front of the restaurant. The forecast of this beach is very hard to read so make sure you book your surfguide to not miss out. Lifeguards keep an eye on the summer crowds as well.

When is the surf best in Zavial

Facing south this place needs a bit of swell. In summer it sometimes gives a (beginner friendly) wave with a south-east swell. True Zavial will show it’s face with a big(ish) North(west) swell, that happens more often in winter time.  With the dominant north wind Zavial is often offshore and (if on the right time) will create magazine-worthy conditions. This place can probably hold up to 8ft waves, but with this size it’s pro’s only. The water coming in from deep to very shallow helps this wave to get very heavy at times.

Surf Risk factors in Zavial

The main surf risk at Zavial is the wave itself. It can look beautiful, but ones in the water appear to be very heavy and wedgy. The wave breaks off the rocks, towards rocks. With a small take off zone and many hungry very skilled (local) surfers and bodyboarders it is very important that you know what you are doing. Always make sure to respect them and give them space. As usual, keep an eye out for rips, especially when the waves get bigger and near the rocks.

Fun Fact Zavial

Zavial is home to one the few point breaks in the Algarve. There is a perfect platform hidden in the rocks right in front of it that will be full of photographers on the big days.

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