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Longboard Lessons

Is it your dream to put your toes on the nose? Do you want to learn how to cross step or gracefully glide in a wave? We got the best guy in the region to get you going. Please note that you need a basic knowledge of experience. (Preferably on your own longboard). Although there is surf in the Algarve almost every day of the year. You need special conditions for a longboard lesson. Please be aware that it will be best if you want to book a longboard coaching session we are very weather dependent and it will be best if you are a little flexible. Do not hesitate to get in touch to ask if the forecast might look good for a Longboard coaching session. 

Oldschool or newschool?

It all started a long long time ago on the French Polynesian islands of Hawaii. Some say thousands of years ago. Who knows. The equipment that they used were in fact very heavy tall, cut out of a single tree. Little did we know that they were creating the first versions of the Longboard as we know them today.
 To cut the history lessons short: Only in the 1960 when surfing really got popular Longboarding started as we know it today. There are a lot of people that still like the old-school shapes and there is another group of Longboarders that likes the more modern ‘ performance’. longboards. (Or if you have space and money enough you just have a quiver and let the conditions decide what to glide. 

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