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About Surf Guide Algarve

Because our life is surfing

It started in Holland, evolved around the world and now found a base in the Portuguese Algarve.

I might not be the best surfer in this area but I definitely have the reputation of being the most stoked. I surf every day and if it’s (any) good maybe even twice. I absolutely love getting inside clean barrels but will also surf a choppy and messy surf with a huge smile on my face.

The surf around here can be epic or just a lot of fun. For me surfing is not a competition. It’s about finally nailing that turn and your buddy spotting it because he is just paddling back from his ride. It’s about being stoked. And this is what drives me to do this: I want to share these amazing waves, the breathtaking nature and incredible stoke with you.

I am not a local, nor will I ever be. I was born in the Netherlands (Yes, you can surf there. No, it’s usually not great) and was in the very fortunate position to escape the western mindset for a couple of years by travelling, working (with surf) and surfing in Morocco, South Africa, Mozambique, Fuerteventura and Costa Rica. When my travels brought me and my missis to Portugal, I knew I found my base.

I have taken the best ingredients of all these places (like my stoke which is I guess a very Dutch thing that I’ll hopefully never loose) and brought them together with Surfguide Algarve. After 11 years of instructing around the world, in different conditions and on different levels, I finally have the dream job sorted. And I hope to share the happiness it gives me with you!

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