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Sagres Surf Lessons

Get your first surf experience right here. Have you aways been dreaming to one day stand up on a surfboard or are you becoming the next champion.
Every surfer has to start somewhere. The best way to start is by doing a professional lesson. Experienced, licensed instructors will make sure your surf experience will be the most fun possible and keep it safe at all times.
With an almost island-style set up the Algarve is very good for surf lessons, all year round. 
There are around 40 different surfschools in the region.
Exactly why there are many different restaurants in a town center, every surfschool does things a little different. The one will be extremely technical and aims to get the absolutely best out of you. The next will take things a little bit more easy, its as much as having a fun experience as it is important to stand on a surfboard. So how do you choose the best surfschool for you? That is where Surf Guide Algarve comes in. 

first steps surfing beginner lesson surf guide algarve
first steps surfing beginner lesson surf guide algarve

This is How it Works


Send us a message on whatsapp, email or sms. We will need a little bit of info to help you to the best surfschool. 
– With how many people do you want to join the lesson? 
– What is your previous surf experience?
– What is your height and Weight in cm and kg? *this if or the size of the wetsuit and surfboard. 
– What is your age?
– Do you want to have a more fun experience- a fun activity for the holiday without any plans to ever do this again. Or do you want to learn this as soon as possible and you like it as informative as possible. 
– Where are you located?

pick up

The surfschool can pick you up if you stay in Budens, Raposeira, Vila do Bispo, Sagres or somewhere in between. If you stay closer to Lagos or Aljezur click on these places in the menu.
Most of the schools will pick you up around 9, these exact times will be communicated directly. If you prefer to use your own transportation it is still best if you come to the surfschool before the lesson. This to make sure the surfschool has all correct sizes materials for you. 

pick up surf lesson surf guide algarve
pick up surf lesson surf guide algarve

The lesson

The pick up and all the material and a snack for the break are included in the price. You do not get a discount when you drive your own car or have your own wetsuit. 
The surfschool takes you to the best waves for the surf lesson. This can be west coast, Sagres or a beach on the south coast. Where the surfschool will go is decided on the day by the head-surfcoach. Once all surf students are picked up and the correct soft top surfboards and wetsuits are in the surf vans its time to go. On the beach there will be a short general introduction about the spot, unloading of the surfboards and other materials. The stronger students will be asked to take some extra equipment down, like the cooler boxes, first-aid kid, flags etc

surf lesson theory surf guide algarve

When everyone and everything is on the beach it is time to change into wetsuits and start the warm-up. After the warm up the group will be divided into smaller groups based on the previous surf experience. The maximum amount of students per surf-instructor in 1-8. 
All the surf students are surfing on soft top surfboards to maximise the learning potential and keep it as safe as possible. If you are able to surf a green wave both sides and start to think about turns it is probably time for a hard-top surfboard and a private intermediate lesson would suit better then a group lesson.
After the warm up there will be a bit of theory, this is instructed on the beach so when you are in the water you know exactly what to do and what to focus on. Once in the water the real fun can begin. The lesson is about 3 hours in total with a small break in between. Depending on the conditions the surfschool will decide if it will do two blocks of 1 1/2 hour or one longer and one shorter lesson.

beginner surf lesson surf guide algarve
beginner surf lesson surf guide algarve

During the the break there is a small vegan snack included and water for everyone. Please do take some more if you have a big appetite.
When the lesson is finished the surf instructors will decide if there is some time to relax on the beach or if it is better to go back to the surfcamp straight away. This obviously has everything to do with the weather conditions at hand, where the lesson takes place and how much time the lesson has taken in. Most days you can expect to be back at the surfcamp around 15,30 in the afternoon.
This can be earlier or later *especially in summer. In case you need to be somewhere / catch a bus or flight. Please inform the bookings manager and the surf instructors. They can decide to advise you to bring your own transportation, assure you that the surf lesson will be finished in time or maybe advise you not to book. 
Back at the surfcamp everyone helps with clearing and cleaning the surfboards and wetsuits. After this, there is all time left for celebration, pool, drinks and snacks. 

after surf lesson chill time surf guide algarve
after surf lesson chill time surf guide algarve
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