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Praia da Arrifana was the location of the first ever ‘NSL No Pro Invitational’ – a competition for Algarvian surfers specifically aimed at the non-professional surfers from our area and organized by Surf Guide Algarve.

Longboard ripping Praia Arrifana surf

Surf Praia Arrifana

If there is a most popular surf beach in our area, it must be praia da Arrifana. The beach break offers good peaks over the full length of the beach and the sandy bottom makes it safe for beginners. Protected from the north wind but facing west, it catches quite some swell. And when it becomes too big for the beach break, Kangaroos point break (advanced surfers only!) will start to work and offer a true spectacle.

General information

Praia da Arrifana is located to the south west of Aljezur and easy to reach by car. As the last bit of winding downhill road is resident parking only. You will have to park your vehicle at the top of the hill where you enjoy an amazing view of this beach surrounded by steep cliffs. The small town of Arrifana has a few bars and restaurants and the beach bar and surf school and gear rental shop on the beach open during the summer season. Lifeguards keep an eye on the mayhem in summer and the public restrooms are open year round.

Surf Praia Arrifana: when and where

Arrifana is the place to go for surfers of all levels. The protruding headland at the top of the beach protects it from the predominant north winds in summer, making it one of the very few beaches not influenced by the north wind. The beach break has a sandy bottom without underwater surprises, making it safe for beginners as well. The waves start working from around 2 ft and the beach break can hold quite some swell and deliver real gems when it is around and over 3-4 ft. Once the waves become so big that the beach break closes out, the real party begins for the (semi) pro’s. The point break on the right hand side of this beach, properly named kangaroos as you’ll be bouncing on nasty rocks if you wipe out at the wrong time, starts working when the swell takes on serious proportions. This wave is amazing to watch but don’t let it fool you, this is stuff for the very advanced only.

Downsides of surf at Arrifana

So if it’s so perfect, why shouldn’t you just go to praia da Arrifana every day? Because everyone does. Due to it’s unique qualities and beauty, the beach is immensely popular among schools, locals and beach tourists alike. On the other hand, the vibe in the water is generally chill and fun and with many peaks there is enough surf for everyone. So it is definitely worth a visit and you can avoid the school crowds by going early but if there is an alternative, try that one as well.

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Arrifana madness

Arrifana madness

Arrifana style, When the guys from the surfschool Extreme Algarve called me for a small favour, there was no way I could refuse. They asked me to drive their van (with students) to the beach. No teaching, no strings attached...just drive. Oh jeah and I got payed too....

Arrifana always delivers

Arrifana always delivers

Arrifana beach, I said it before and i'll say it again: If i can avoid Arrifana I will. But sometimes this spot is the only way to go. And to be honest it is amazing. Arrifana is so nicely protected from the strong north wind that there is almost always surf where the...

super fun surf in Arrifana

super fun surf in Arrifana

You can always count on Arrifana. With a super stoked American surfer on board for a few days and a pretty strong North wind with a small swell on the forecast the choice of spots got reduced to only a few. With the surfguiding Arrifana isn't really our go-to beach....

Perfect waves and Easter eggs

Perfect waves and Easter eggs

Arrifana and Easter eggs, Arrifana is always somewhat of a give and take. It's always nice to see all the familiar faces but it also means that instead off trying to hit the lip, it's more a matter of not-trying to hit anything (or anyone). My guests I brought today...