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Advanced Surf Lessons

We all want to be better surfers. If you want to get better, you’ll need to work hard for it. When you go out and surf without a focus point or anyone telling you what you possibly can improve your learning curve will only go up very slowly. There are a few techniques that can benefit your level of surfing. You can watch video clips and tutorials. But one of the most helpful ways is to get a coach to film you surf and analyse the waves together with you.


How does it work,

This is how a day looks like in 12 pictures. 

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The best surfer is the one with the most fun

There is no argue in that. When you having fun surfing, that is and should be the only reason. (Unless you are one of the 0.1% of the surfing population that is making his money with professional surfing. In that case the surf is also your job and you will need to improve constantly to keep up with the rest.) 

Be true to yourself and know your real level of surfing. If the coach is paid for and sits on the beach while you are still not sure what wave to paddle for and only catch a few waves in 2 hours, this would be a waist of money and time. In this example you would have been way more stoked with a coach sitting with you in the water telling you when to paddle for witch wave. Check out beginner/ intermediate surf lessons. 

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