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Surf Praia da Luz

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Surf Praia da Luz

Praia da Luz is mostly known as a regular tourist beach town, but it is a great surf spot as well. It is located very close to Lagos and the beach break is very comparable to the one at Praia de Porto de Mos. So like that beach, the wave conditions are often beginner friendly but the break has some hazards that any surfer must keep in mind!

General information

Praia da Luz is located in front of the town identically called Luz. This town and the beach are located a stone’s throw from Lagos and can even be reached by an hour long cliff walk from Porto de Mos beach. Luz is very much a touristy town, meaning that you’ll be able to find plenty of bars and restaurants there, especially along the beach front. Some of them are open year round and have toilets accessible from the outside. There is free parking space close to the beach.

When to surf Praia da Luz?

As mentioned, Praia da Luz is located similarly to Porto de Mos in Lagos, and works with similar conditions. You can find a few surfy days in summer but it’s usually the winter swells from the North that bring nicely sized waves. Together with the predominant offshore wind, this makes for great surf. For the most part, this surf spot is a beach break working from 2/3ft and holding up to 6ft before it becomes too rippy with many close-outs. But even on friendly days, all surfers have to be aware of the hazards of this spot.

On the left side of Praia da Luz, you’ll see the very distinguishable Rocha Negra – the black rock. This volcanic rock is known among surfers for the great surf on the reef in front of it. With the right swell and tide this part of the reef creates beautiful, powerful waves that are treasured by the locals. Please realize that it is out of respect for these locals and even more due to the many rocks sticking out under water at this spot, that you should never go there unless you are very experienced or invited.

What else should you know about surfing Luz

Just like it’s neighboring beach, Praia da Luz comes with some surf hazards to keep in mind. During summer, the beach will be crowded with tourists enjoying some cool down time in the shore break. Never hit a tourists, it’s no fun for anyone. Although you are normally fine with north swells and north wind, make sure you are informed about rips. This goes even more when the swell is coming from the south or is on the big side. And it’s the same for any wind direction other then north. Lastly, beware of hidden rocks, even on the beach break, especially with low tide. Of course, the best way to get to know this beach is surfing with a local or paying for a professional surf guide.


Fun Fact Praia da Luz

When the tide gets very low with full moon, you can walk from Porto de Mos to Praia da Luz. So it’s not surprising that you can surf these beaches with similar conditions.

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