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Home sweet home

Surf at meia praia lagos portugal

It doesn’t happen very often: surf on homespot Meia Praia. But when it does, it’s always a party!

For some good waves on this big beach we normally rely on swell from the south-east. This swell is often combined with wind from the same direction and although the spot does hold pretty well on an on shore breeze, it only rarely becomes as much fun as it was today. No easterly swells but a massive northerly (6 meter with 18 seconds: going once, going twice, sold!) and off shore wind it was.

The result: an easy paddle out, enough lull time to chat up with all the locals and other friends that never fail to show up for a morning session when the homespot is on fire, and nice clean waves that were so worth the wait!

Who thought you could get barreled in our front yard…

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