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West-side left-side

cordoama barrel surf west coast algarve portugal

Finding clean, overhead, barreling waves is awesome, but it can be just as great to find something more mellow when you can share it with friends, guests, or your girl. Annemarie-friendly days I like to call them.

And sometimes, after having already enjoyed two really fun Annemarie-friendly days in our front and backyard, you get treated.

My misses told me that she wanted to find some Niels-friendly surf that morning and the forecast told us that the west coast was finally looking surfable again after a long stretch of big swells hitting it.

It was a bit of a gamble between going higher up north or staying a bit closer to home on the south-end and when we went for that south-west beach it turned out that a little gambling clearly doesn’t hurt.

Did I mention finding clean, overhead, barreling waves is awesome? Well this must have been awesomest! Barrel after barrel after barrel with a handful of takers. And all of this right in front of the watchful lens of the misses on the beach.

Follow this link to find a full album of proof of what might have been my best surf in the Algarve ever…

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