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After the rain comes…

Porto de Mos after storm surf easterly wind

After an amazing week guiding a bunch of Dutchies around our beaches, loads of sun, the vibe of summer returning and the parents being there to enjoy it all together, the weather finally decided to take a wrong turn and so did my health.

I spent three days without surfing. Can you imagine? There was a menu tasting that I was supposed to attend and my little birds whispered that the quote of the night was: ‘I heard he’s ill, he hasn’t surfed for two days straight so it must be bad..’

But today, I finally felt good enough for a quick salty nose. The break in our backyard was still recovering from 3 days of easterly stormy winds but I wasn’t up for sizy west-coast waves yet and as expected there were definitely some hidden gems just around the corner. You just need to float along with the current and walk back up the beach every once and again  to find them.

Luckily as I was changing into my wetsuit my good friend Marcel rocked up to search for them together. With no one else there, all the tiny diamonds were for these two Dutchies on the hunt!

And with my stoke returning, so did the sunny weather. Meant to be I guess.

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