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High expectations

beach babe zavial surf check big swell

Today was going to be THE day. Surfers all around the Algarve were calling in to work sick, Lagos was buzzing. Why? Because a swell of just under 2 meters with 20 seconds was headed our way this morning.

And I was buzzing too as I had a full van with me today. With two young American girl shredders and one mellow Belgian bloke my maximum of guiding guests was reached. So you can imagine I was stoked!

Of course, the west coast with this forecast was no option for me with my little gang and as we reached the spot that I had hoped to find on fire, I unfortunately had to admit that the tide was still too high for it. But luckily, beach option two was already working and only got better during the day. For some it might have seemed like average waves but trust me, it doesn’t happen often that you can paddle out in flat waters and just wait for the sets to come get you. We all found some bombs, fueled up with lunch, and went on the hunt for more.

And to top off another great day on the beach, the turn-out for my second NSL Surf Theory Talk in Pizza Kisa was amazing.

It was another one of those days that showed me why it pays off to always follow your heart and only do things you love to do.

Pura Vida!

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