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Code Orange party

storm windsurf kitesurf session alvor lagoon lagos algarve

When you can’t beat them, you just have to join them right? So with the forecast screaming 35 knots and an official code orange warning for all open waters on the south coast, we ditched our surfboards and went straight for our wind/kitesurf gear instead.

Unfortunately our brave van huffed and puffed and rattled and then stopped working earlier this week, so where to go with these palmtrees flying around the open beach on our doorstep and massive walls of white water coming in? Thank god for our friends at Extreme Algarve surfschool who willingly lent us one of their vans to go to the lagoon and be saf(er).

Upon arrival the missis’ smile quickly dropped as she realized she shouldn’t even consider pumping up her 9 meter kite. My smile on the other hand just grew as I realized I had the exact same issue with my 5.2 sail but I’m crazy anyway!

Again it turned out that friends come in handy as Oleks – the very wise owner of – decided to cancel his lessons and let Annemarie use one of his smaller kites instead. My session was already great but being able to share it with my girl and a hand full of brave instructors who now had some extra time on their hands, made it even better.

With arms like Oleks and massive smiles we carried our stuff back to the van, morning only just ended but we are finished. And stoked!


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