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Surf Guide Algarve Connecting Worlds

The first day my lady was back from her short holliday ment to be a bit of a party day – and it was…
I had the honer to guide a (6’3ft tall) dude from the ‘other Lagos’ Nigeria, in the meantime, my buddy from the US (6’4ft) adding ourselves being from the EU we combined 3 continents in one surf adventure!

With a small swell and and the wind a bit onshore our expectations were not so set very high. But with so much positive vibes in one car the day already started pretty epic! After a quick check on some amazing lookout we found a private peak a bit hidden from the surf schools and summer tourism and had a surprisingly good (and powerful) surf. I really went all out with the lunch and the little group loved the home-made humus, I think this will be a keeper ;). The second session was a bit more user-friendly but also a bit more people around. All in All we had a fantastic day!

Algarve Surf Lookout Cliffs Sea Westcoast


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