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25 for ever

Usually when someone asks me my age I tell them I’m 14, but for some reason they always ask me this kind of questions when I’m driving and you’re not allowed to drive a car with 14, so they end up not believing me and asking again.
I don’t like questions like this, what difference does it make? I am legal to drive this car. After 18 there’s no real reason to celebrate you getting older in my opinion, except when you live in the states, than you have 3 more reasons. At the age of 25 I really stopped celebrating the fact that life involves aging. And at the day it normally would have been my birthday the year after, the doorbell rang and there was no one. Well even if there would have been someone I wouldn’t have been able to see the person cause there was a huge box in the hallway. Surprised and somewhat annoyed I looked at the box. ”For Niels”. Well…lets open it up than? I opened the box and a massive balloon came out almost hitting me of my feet. ”Happy 25+ birthday.” Sweet, the guys sending this message clearly got it. It is nót cool being older than that. (It happened to be the brother and girlfriend of Annemarie, best guys ever).
Anyway from that moment I kinda like the number 25. Its serious, big, but not old.
Yesterday I got my 25th review on Tripadvisor; all excellent. Of course I hope I will get more, but for me it’s serious & big.

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