Small wave request

”hello, I have seen your beautiful pictures and stories on you website and instagram and I really would like to join you for some surf guiding but I don’t think I am good enough.” My response:”Can you surf a green wave? Do you know and respect the rules in the water?- yes? well than you’re more than welcome!!!”

surf picknick in the sand on the beach of Praia da Luz

surf picknick in the sand on the beach of Praia da Luz

If you have a special request because you’re not (yet) so comfortable surfing ‘bigger’ waves, do not hesitate to contact me. No I do not take beginners, No I do not offer lessons. But there is a stage in a surfers carreer that you are good enough to practice on your own but really do like that safety of a ‘friend/ surf buddy/ big brother’ around. Many people have no such person and my guiding is basically built for that!
I have been guiding the girl with the small wave request now a hand full of times and see her confidence grow every time we surf. Look for yourself:

not a small wave at all! This could be you

Not a small wave at all, This could be you!

I will always try to match the request and level of the guest as good as I can to the waves on that day. Big, small, hollow, fast, slow, I can not promise we will find them but I promise I will get the best waves for your level on that day!