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Finding Easter Bombs at the end of the world

surfer girl legs and surfdog

Easter 2018 on the most South West tip of the world:

When we were younger (éven younger, cán you imagine!) We had a tradition to hide chocolate eggs and try to find them after. Partly because the chocolate eggs here are extremely expensive, partly because the eggs would melt before we would find them again but mainly because it makes much more sense to search for waves instead of eggs we choose to just stick to our day to day ritual and go hunt for waves.
Being sunday 01-04 Easter Sunday, I expected a lót of people on that same search. Not sure where they all ended up, but not on the spot we chose for the day. And what a day it was;

speedcarve on a nice offshore wave
Niels making his way in in style,…
happy surfguiding guest in sagres
after surf stoke…
surfer girl legs and surfdog
This picture has it all…
chips, surfsnack
Annemarie also had a lot of waves!!!
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