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Zavial has a will of its own

zavial big barrel

Surfing Zavial is always special

Getting ready for possible good surf is always exciting. Getting ready for Zavial is the more than that. This place has it’s own character, soul, mood, whatever you want to call it…but its anything but an easy break to forecast.
It happened that the forecast showed us five stars and fireworks the night before. Anticipating on what might be the best surf ever, a night with not the best sleep you would like before a big session. We arrive with extra thick leaches, fully charged camera’s and finally looking at the waves finding out that she has done it again…the swell was too much of an angle, the wind was cross on the ocean, it was Easter and Christmas at the same day…you come up with a reason, there are (almost) no waves and especially not that kind what makes you not close your eyes at night.
The complete opposite has happened just as many times. expecting Annemarie-friendly waves, (a term we have started in the region when the waves are anything but scary) small wave fins under the surfboard, no camera in the car and all of a sudden the point is absolutely on fire.
Some of the guests we had were lucky enough to be here at the right moment. A few pics of the last winter sessions (where everything did come together…)

zavial snap spray wave
niels mixing up his armwork…
zavial big barrel
niels in a big zavial monster barrel
zavial empty wave
zavial off the lip
niels trying to fly
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