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When Porto de Mos lights up

softech surfboard softtop at the sea in Lagos Algarve Portugal

Porto de Mos three days in a row…

We had some absolutely (near) epic days with some serious swells and offshore wind. Every day we had one or two guests with us and it was just perfect. Because even here it is not always epic, we had a few challenging days to come. Together with a Dutch guy who got send away by his wife just after they received their second child… Good bargain I would say.
As you can expect, the guy was already happy just to be out of the Netherlands and wasn’t really bothered by the tricky forecast. The swell was big, and with a strong (onshore) wind ánd a tide that was not in our favor we made the gamble to go check early the first day of his stay. That happened to be the best choice we had made in a wile. The wind didn’t show up before mos of us were not even able to do a proper pop-up any more and the waves were absolutely perfect. Hip to shoulder high and the best of all, there was absolutely no-one out. We like to take our guests to different beaches if we have the choice, but the second day brought us back to Porto de Mos with similar conditions (and this time a little bit more people out.) Unfortunately I damaged my board pretty bad and had to go in, but the Dutchman was on fire and stayed in until he really had nothing left. Had a good lunch and ready for round two. The third day we really wanted to go to a different beach and ended up in Mos again…This is probably the first and only time this will happen but our Dutch friend was far from bummed. By this time he spend about 10 hours in the water and knew the spot really well and was confident in the choice of equipment. (He surfed about all the boards we have in our quiver). My own board was at bobs boards and the guys from the local surfshop supported me with a real fun board for the day; the ”Softech – Tom Curren signature model”  a softtop surfboard with real FCS fins. A perfect weapon of choice for Porto de Mos. Day three was supposed to be the best (on the forecast) but like so many times in the Algarve, that was nót the case. The wind was a bit onshore and the waves far from perfect. It being our guests last-day he made sure he absolutely emptied his energy and caught the most waves ever possible. With this funky soft top I also had a blast and accompanied with my girlfriend in the water we can only say it was another day in paradise.

(unfortunately all the pictures are from day 3, when we did have the camera with us ;))

softech surfboard softtop at the seain Lagos Algarve Portugal

Surf Guide Algarve holding his toy for the day – The Softech Tom Curren Signature model…

softech surfboard softtop at the sea in Lagos Algarve Portugal

Surfguide Algarve making the most of the onshore conditions

stoked dutch surfer on a wave in Lagos Algarve Portugal

Our super-stoked Dutch guest on a nice little lefthander at Porto de Mos

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