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Winter in spring and very happy guests

view bordeira surf beach

Winter in spring

Rain or sunshine, for the surf it’s all the same. But with an incredible dry and sunny winter behind us everybody kind of hoped for a little bit of rain. The dams were empty, the almond trees were already flowering in their last hope to survive, nature had a rough time. But when the rain finally came it really didn’t want to stop any more. With Easter right on our doorstep the tourists started to find their ways back to our region and what they found was far from all the sunny pictures that they saw online or in the booking brochures when they booked their holidays to the ‘always sunny Algarve’.
porto de mos Lagos surf rainbow

We had a lot of good waves and the guests that we had all agreed on one thing; better good surf than good weather. But there was one special guest who got washed away só badley that he had to give in. He was spending some time with his wife for what should have been a short escape from the German cold but it became a small disaster;  after a few days of constant battle, no warm water in their big villa, no heating, single glass windows and a forecast that didn’t get any better he texted me with a lot of apologies that he escaped to the sun in Spain. He promised to be back soon (without the wife)- and so he did:

view bordeira surf beach

you get what you deserve…

Being the only guest for a few days and a (surf) forecast that was challenging but turned out to deliver absolute great surf we changed our new friend’s perspective of the Algarve from a bit negative to absolutely 100% stoked about everything this place has to offer. As a big ‘thanks’ for the good times he took us for lunch; ‘make it your sunday lunch and not the cheap indian place on the corner please’ where his instructions. We ended up at a restaurant called ‘o Camillo’ where the waiter even cleaned our fish on our plates and the wine was for sure imported straight out of the cellars of heaven.

lagos fish restaurant

Picking our Locally caught fish at the ‘O Camillo’ restaurant

So I’m normally not the one for chlichés, but this time the sunshine really came after the rain. And you’ll be happy to know that summer has returned as well.

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