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First of July, a morning filled with adventures

genet surf cat

Swell on its way.

In the Algarve we are generally very fortunate to have waves (almost) every day. But the last few days have been only good for absolute beginners on big foam boards (and even them started complaining after a few days I heard from a friended surf-instructor.)
Of course I made the best out of it; we tried step offs from a Sup in Bordeira. I went windsurfing, I went to the gym…but all of this while looking at least 3 times a day anxious to the forecast to see if there was some light on the end of the tunnel.
The first of July would be the day…

changing tire on our way to surf

Honestly I never changed a tire so quick

One dude from wales was fortunate enough to wait out the flat period and joined me and my friend Daniel on our mission to get the waves we had been longing for. We always make jokes that Daniel is a ralley driver, but when he hit the curb when he realised his cup of coffee was still on the roof we also had to practice our tire-changing skills. It took us exactly 8 minutes to change it! And with that we were still in time to pick up our English friend for the morning.

On our way we bumped into this unlucky friend, who we decided to take with us to honor her prettiness.

genet surf cat

This unlucky guy is called a ‘Genet’ she rest in peace and the best part of her tail is in our house.

After these two adventures we deserved some good surf, and we did. As we arrived we bump into a whole bunch of friends who also had been waiting long for the waves. Lucky for us this particular beach is very stretched out and has many peaks so in the end we surfed with only 2 others on our peak.

bordeira surf 1 july (1)

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