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Family Surfing fun in cordoama!

surf cordoama, algarve, summer

Not epic, no problem!

Most habitants of the Algarve Surf in winter and work in summer. This makes sense with the strong North wind, lack of swell,  and crazy amount of tourists flogging the beaches (and line ups)
Now as a Surf Guide the only real thing that worries me is the lack of swell. The wind we can hide from, the tourists we can escape from… Here’s how:

surf cordoama, algarve, summer

We had the pleasure to have a very special guest with us. Two actually…My girlfriend hadn’t surfed in about two months and was really stoked with the no-wind, small wave conditions. (so she was V.I.P. one ;)) and the second was Nova Luna (yes its really her name.) (And Big-D, also represented of course…),She’s the designer chick from the caribian who designed the Surf Guide Algarve Logo!

surf bbq
surf bbq in our garden

Although she loves the ocean she isn’t in to surfing, so we ended up with some great pictures of us playing in the small waves.

surf cordoama algarve portugal softtop softech
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