Happy New Year!!!

2018 was a fantastic year. It was the second year Surf Guide Algarve was operating and we had many happy guests, a lot of good surf and the only thing I can think of is to keep up these great vibes in 2019! (and making more posts…)
So this is how it started:

castalejo on fire on the first day of the year

castalejo on fire on the first day of the year.

Not the only ones anymore

As we arrived to the beach we noticed we weren’t the first. Driving closely behind us was our local legend Uwe Kluba who quoted; ”I remember those days everyone stayed dry at the first and I was the only one surfing- Happy Newyear boys”.
With a handful of guys out, water so glassy we could see the fish on the bottom of the reef having there own newyear reception and a blue sky to top it off. Oh and did I mention the 1.9 meter 14 second swell that produced these amazing long lefts? I think we started the year off really well:

castalejo newyears reception2

castalejo newyears reception after our surf…