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Winter in Castalejo for the lucky few

stoked surfer surfguide guest

Winter (is for) waves

The Algarve is known for the consistency of its waves. If you know where to go, willing to drive for it and don’t have your expectations set too high, you’ll find a wave (almost) every day of the year. For some unknown reason the biggest amount of tourist that visit the Algarve, do this in summer. I usually set my alarm on ridiculous o clock to find some uncrowded little wave before the North wind kicks in and the masses wake up. Winter is different do. Winter is for waves:

waves algarve long lefts

Just for the lucky few.
In the winter we either hit or miss. It can be epic for a week but honestly we can have some horrible low pressures too. So the few people that where with me these days have been…Lucky!

stoked surfer surfguide guest

stoked surfer surfguide guest

surfguide girl happy in the algarve

The temperature changes have been crazy. I have come up with a method to scrape the ice of my windscreen in the morning (beceause I dont own a ice scraper and I would not know where to get one, Portuguese just don’t leave their houses when its cold like that).

cold wetsuit in the algarve

cold wetsuit to the max.

endless left tonel

But the reward is amazing… Haven’t surfed lefts long as these since we left Pavones a little over 4 years ago. So please take that risk, book a (cheap!) ticket and be one of the lucky few!

barrel zavial

Me being extremely lucky 😉



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