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Tonel showing her teeth

Tonel wave in sagres algarve

Tonel has a lot of faces

This beach in summer can be the ideal place for families with kids playing in the surf. Surfschools take advantage of the protection of the rocks and being right in front of Sagres, a perfect place for non-surfers too.
But this day was different. Looking over the cliffs seeing perfect waves breaking in slow-motion we could tell Tonel was on and we had two choises;
1. Play the game and go all out.
2. search for a somewhat more user friendly spot.

Tonel wave in sagres algarve

Big period
The swell was still filling in but we had seen enough, it was time to get some bombs. With 20 seconds and 2 meter waves it was only going to be bigger and with the soft offshore and hardly any surfers in the water this was our chance to get some bigger waves. 

Tonel pretty big waves
So I changed my fins for the somewhat larger ones I own for this kind of rare opportunities, put a little extra wax on my stick, took a deep breath and went for it.  
tonel surf sagres
The few guys out all were super supportive and the atmosphere in the line up was super good. So where the waves and we all got some absolute smokers. The odd freak set surprising all of us but all in all it was a big score again. 
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