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Meia Praia show down

surf meia praia lagos

Meia praia beach,

One of the longest sandy beaches that we know of in the Algarve. On a busy day in summer you’ll find thousands of tourists lined up towel-on-towel and the only action there is, will be the Bolo do Bolinha salesmans (who are actually pretty funny.)
In winter Meia Praia can show her more active side. We had a good friend staying with us for a good week and we got the beach as good as it gets:

surf meia praia lagos
surf meia praia lagos.
niels kite meia praia spray
niels kite meia praia spray.
jasper kite meia praia
jasper kite meia praia.
surf meia praia lagos algarve
surf meia praia lagos algarve.

Focus on surf,

Of course as a surfguide we focus on surf. But if the wind picks up in the afternoon, we finished our after-surf lunch and we still have some energy to burn it’s kinda fun to play with the wind. It doesn’t happen often but when the conditions allow us to, its time to play!

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