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Porto de Mos to start with

porto de mos surf girl sunrise

Porto de Mos for starters please,

We were expecting a big swell to hit the Algarve and with a soft wind from the North and a low tide in the morning this meant wake-up early. Our VIP guests from the Netherlands where here for the…sixt time? For them the earlier the better. Surf in the Netherlands usually means it’s taking a beating as well; wind, cold, current…so to set an alarm in Portugal was a no-brainer for these boys.

porto de mos surf girl sunrise

Porto de mos surf girl sunrise.

At the right time at the right Spot.

From where we start our daily mission to score the best waves, Porto de Mos is one of the closest beaches. This means if you wake up at ridiculous-o-clock, we usually don’t drive the whole coast to return to Mos. We just go there directly.
The waves were beautiful but they had very little power. The boys where pretty stoked but I couldn’t help but thinking; what if…
I drove to another spot. Lucky for me other people did exactly this and arrived at Porto de Mos around 2.1/2 hours after we got in to tell me it was really bad in all the other places they had checked. With this to ease my mind and up our stoke a little bit more we finished a beautiful start of what was to become a great week of surfing.

porto de mos surf

De surf after we got out of the water. 

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