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Zavial, surfing Paradise

zavial surf barrel

Dreamy conditions at Zavial

Still on the road with the Dutch boys who got used to the potential of the waves in the Algarve already a few times before, it was time to score.

zavial surf algarve big turn
(Unknown ripper, showing how to do a turn of your dreams.) 

Tide-swell-wind-direction and a little bit of dutch stoke made us arrive super early at the beach of zavial. We couldn’t believe our eyes. Except for a few hippie-campers who would hopefully get a big fine later that morning there was no other people. We did a small contest who could get in his wet wetsuit the fastest and paddled out.

zavial surf barrel
Zavial at her best, with one of the best on it.

We got about an hour and a half with no one in the water. All of us got barreled (not all of us made it out, but does that matter?) All of us got worked, all of us got plenty of waves and all of us were as stoked as you can get. When a pretty large group paddled out I decided I had enough water up my nose and got the camera to shoot some of the best waves the Algarve has to offer.

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