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Unexpected visitors at Meia Praia

porto surfer ripping

Waves & Friends,

Just before the real madness kicks off we decided it was a nice timing for a little break. If you live in paradise you don’t have to go far. We had a very hard choice to make; Porto or visiting our friends down south at Cadiz. Mother nature helped taking the decision for us because it was practically flat in Spain and although the trip would be a little romantic (not surf-only) trip, it would still be nice if there was something, right?

porto surfer ripping
Porto surfer ripping.

Porto is amazing

Its a surf blog, so I wont go into the details from why Porto is so great, but its Amazing. One thing what was a little less amazing was that our Airbnb was on top of a nightclub that opened her doors at 12;00 and finished around 7 in the morning (because at 7;15 a fight broke out with the noise of ambulances and everything as result.)
After we finished our breakfast we agreed that the only thing that could cure this sleepless night was a bit of salt water on the head. I already arranged a surfguide to take me for the next day but he wasn’t able to go on such short notice so we just went for a little mission ourselves. Here I really discovered how important a surfguide can be. Although we did find a pretty good break with no one in the water, I would have loved to pay someone a little bit to tell me where I could paddle out and where to look out for. when finally 1 other surfer and 2 bodyboarders arrived to share there local knowledge my arms were already spagetti from surfing the shorebreak but I was stoked to get at least a few big ones far out the back with the local guys.

big drop surf porto
The next morning Fransisco from ‘getlost surf photo’ picked me up in the morning and escorted me to a very nice right hand pointbreak. We had a little bad luck with the fact that it was Sunday and there were already some guys out. I was really stoked to share the line up with locals who are really not used to share there waves with little guys with blond hair. After a few waves and about all the few words of portuguese I master they stopped blocking and snaking me and I had a really fun session. DO TAKE A SURFGUIDE if you’re planning to go this way!!!

Back home

Back in the Algarve there was some serious ‘suest’ on the forecast. This means wind (and waves) pushed from marocco and giving waves on the south coast. Our friends that we missed out on where staying kind of in the middle of the storm so they choose the path of the least resistance and came driving towards Potugal. We shared a great session on Meia Praia followed by an epic dinner at our house.

surf dinner
(after surf dinner.)
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