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Meia Praia surfing

meia praia longboard

Surf in Meia Praia

We had been blessed with a few bigger days on the south coast.

As every person is different, so is every surfer. One of the guests was having a good time but was really happy when I told him we would get longboard conditions on Meia Praia on the next few days.

meia praia longboard
The trick with the surf in Lagos is to take a bit more floaty surfboard than usual and just go with the flow.
meia praia surfgirl beach
The first day of the south easy swell that brought the small perfect waves to Lagos miss. Surfguide Algarve had to work. (not as a surfguide…) While she heard the waves braking in the bay from her office and overheared all our friends talking about the perfect waves we had to come up with a plan to get her some waves the next day. 
meia praia surfgirl walking in the water
She set her alarm at ridiculous-o-clock and I took over her phone for an hour. It was a true gift to see my guest and lady catch such beautiful waves. 
meia praia surf
After a little over an hour the lady took over the phone and I took over her position in the 4 man lineup. Cant wait for the next south east swell!


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