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Calafornian surf in Cordoama

cordoama surf american

Algarve is like Calafornia?

As a surfguide i meet a lot of different people from all over the world:
”It reminds me a lot of california, but than without all the crowds, cars and buildings” Quote from our new American friend who grew up surfing Santa Barbara and Californian beaches.

cordoama view
On top of Cordoama is possibly one of the best spots in the world to check what peak of the beach you want to surf. 
cordoama surf american
The surf was a little big and powerful for Annemarie who took the opportunity to work on her suntan and get some pictures… 
cordoama surf american2
It was a real pleasure to surf with a guy with this level, full of experiences and stories of the other side of the world. The wind was offshore and waves really fun.  After our session he had to rush back for family obligations and we went to check if there was a wave left to surf for Annemarie at Meia Praia. 
meia praia annemarie
A bit bad picture of a truly super good wave, surfed by Annemarie. Honestly we both didn’t expect much from this session but she was absolutely killing it and catching many waves.
Is surf all you do?! Yeah well…no. We picked flowers after our surf…and went for a really well deserved bbq to end another epic day.

surf bbq garden

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