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Welcome back at Amado

no surf holland

Welcome back!

After a few days in the Netherlands for some family business. (It was kinda amazing, picked exactly the 2 days of summer they will have for this year, went sailing and took a boatride trough the channels in the ‘polder’, unfortunately no-surf (we did check.)

no surf holland

This is probably the biggest reason I didn’t become Surfguide Holland…

Stoked dutch.

There was one Dutch dude who was super stoked to go surfing with me on the day that i came back in the Algarve. The problem was that I would land at night and being already pretty tired from all the social events I wasn’t really sure how fit I would be for the next morning. Luckily my natural clock was stronger than my mind and I was up super early- contacted the dude and an hour later I got picked up by him and his family for a surf at Amado.

amado surf

Amado surf, (old picture but to nice not to use right?)

While the kids where celebrating their last day on the beach of Amado fighting each other and making the perfect audience for surfer-dad and me, the waves were absolutely super fun. Just a hand full of people in the line up and with a 9 second 1 meter wave just constant action. we surfed for about two hours. As the tide came in, so did the wind (and so did the people).

orange picking

After they dropped me off at my house I invited the boys to get their own oranges and lemons. My neighbor (and owner of the land) Loves kids and was super happy to give them a little tour around the garden. 

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