Private surf.

Booking a private surf guide obviously does not mean we will have the beach for our selves. (That would be epic do.) It does mean that the conditions for that day will be 100% tuned in on the skills and wishes of the guest. In this case I had a dude from Swiss on board who used to be a pretty good snowboarder (his own words) and picked up surfing a few years ago and is no-pro but loves every aspect of it.

this is the amazing view from the top at the cliff at codoama

This is the amazing view from the top at the cliff at codoama. 

Start of summer.

With the start of summer the devil North wind also started showing up.


Usually when we surfed the morning I’m to dead or have to many other ‘responsibilities’ (like playing with the dog, playing in the garden, shopping, kooking 😉 But having a kiteschool owner as neighbor its fun to switch up things. 

cordoama surf last month

Cordoama surf last month with ‘good wind’.

cordoama private summer surf

cordoama private summer surf with ‘less good wind ;)) Still absolutely no one out and super fun waves to be ridden. (*this picture i took after my surf, these guys just getting ready to jump in..)