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Dolphin- Surf safari on Cordoama

cordoama dolphins

Every Surf is special.

I look forward to every surf, every day. Not every surf has perfect waves or even something close to it, but that does not mean the session is less good.

cordoama crash

The only one who can make a session good (or bad) are you. Mr. Surfguide Algarve trying to fight gravity here on a beautiful wave at Cordoama. Of course its true that some sessions stick in your mind better than others. This particular one had a lot of potential to become one of these.

cordoama june3

The surf had been pretty sh*t in June so far and the forecast wasn’t great for this morning. Me and my lady met up with our most loyal surf buddy (Daniel (in picture below) and Benny (owner of a kitesurfschool here.) 

cordoama june4

Daniel who’s always stoked to surf, no matter where, what time, what conditions or with who…So it was just us 3 in the water. The wind was not excising and with the help of the pushing tide the waves we got were super fun. Annemarie choose to stay out of the water and got us the nice photos. And than these guys came bye to say hello: 

cordoama dolphins

Dolphins are not rare in the Algarve, but as being a surfguide, being at the ocean every day, I have to say I think its interesting how little time I have spotted them of the coast. The dolphins came super close and made our good session just a touch more special. 

cordoama june1

So you see; anything can happen! Book your surfguide now and be part of a new surf adventure soon!

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