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Clean surf at Castalejo with the surfgirls

castalejo good turn


There are more and more girls in the line up, and I think this is great. Especially when that means that I get to share the thing that I love doing most, with 3 girls…

castalejo surfgirls
The castalejo surfgirls chilling on the beach after there surf.

Clean waves,

The forecast looked ok, but honestly; my day was already good just driving to the beach. Anyway when we arrived at the beach it became clear it actually even got better.

castalejo clean wave
The waves looked so clean that we couldt really believe that the line up was so empty. With only a handful of people in the water we had the session of our lifes.
castalejo good turn
Unknown surfer on castalejo doing a super good turn.

After a few hours we all had more than our arms could take and we had a nice big chill session on the beach. Ready for more surf guiding adventures to come.


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