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Cordoama private surf party

beach walk cordoama

Cordoama in summer,

Cordoama catches a lot of swell. *Like a lot of other spots along the west coast. What makes it a good spot for summer. (If the wind is light, like this morning).

cordoama beach with piri and sergio
Our surf buddy getting best friends with our little mascote; Piri-Piri.
cordoama uwe cluba
A few days earlier me and my buddy swapt boards. I really wanted to try a board with a front-grip pad and because he really enjoyed surfing my board, this was easily arranged.

cordoama sergio

Private Surf,

The Algarve has so many different beaches and corners. Its often not impossible to find an uncrowded spot. But there’s uncrowded and literally empty… And that was what we had this morning.

beach walk cordoama
With one lucky guest from Germany and 2 friends in the water we had a super fun surf. My girlfriend was on the beach with Piri and shot some amazing surf pictures.
cordoama daniel and surfguide guest
Cordoama daniel and surfguide guest.
cordoama uwe cluba3
I really liked to surf with the front grip-pad. I maybe liked it even more to be on a board shaped by our friend and local shaper Uwe Kluba. (*Who we visit sometimes after our surf…)
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