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Tonel Small summer waves

tonel view

Small waves,

If you have read a few of these blogs, you know it by now. We like all kinds of waves. As long as it’s salty and wet, produced by the ocean and big enough to stand up on we’re on it. The request was to find a somewhat smaller wave for our surfguide  guest.

tonel walk to surf
My dude was totally buzzing when he saw the small waves with absolutely no one in the water (or on the beach).
tonel surf protected
One of the nice things of Tonel is that you can find a little bit of cover for the strong summer wind. 
tonel view
Another nice thing about Tonel is the amazing backdrop all around you. The famous Algarve cliffs, the lighthouse in the distance and the big fortress on the left. All that while you’re in an ocean so blue as a swimming pool with a million small waves all to ourselves. 
tonel little wave
Unfortunately I have no surf action on camera. We were both to busy surfing and there was no beautiful surf girlfriend photographer or Massimo on the beach. Better luck next time! 
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