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Summer in Algarve

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Summer in Algarve,

Its official, summer has kicked off. I have spend a few times spending way to much time at the Lagos avenida. Stopping for every crossing and traffic light. Most of summer tourism is more focused on the party and – getting burned at the beach. The timing to do this is good. The waves are small, the sun is buzzing and town is booming. Does that mean we don’t get to surf?

porto de mos surf girl sunrise

Wake up early.

Of course we surf. We surf almost every day. Most of the days that means we will start off a little earlier. In this way we beat the summer crowds, make sure we surf before the wind kicks in. Usually we’re back home by the time that most people start to realize another beautiful day has started. Unless the wind stays gentle and we surf all day.

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Summer is also perfect for the people that are just on the level of getting out of the lessons and want to start surfing alone. 


You really do not need to be a Kelly Slater to come and surf with us. Most days we only take 1 or 2 people and we always go where the conditions suit best for the guest. *Obviously we can not control the swell so if you want overhead barrels its maybe better to wait for winter.

barrel right
some winter barrel action. If you book a surfguide, please be honest about your level and experience. We like to surf all kinds of waves and its best for you to get the kind of waves you are ready for! 


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