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Zavial winter style

pocket zavial

Love Zavial,

You either hate or love the wave at Zavial. The wave is almost never perfect, and when it is, its often busy. Zavial doesn’t really break often in summer. With waves to big on the west of the Algarve, with strong north wind it was easy maths for everybody. I rather surf a less good wave with less people on it. But this weekend it looked like mother nature left us no choice.

nightvision towards zavial

Winter style.

In winter we travel pretty often in the dark. In summer when it gets light at 5;30 there’s simply not enough dark hours to travel that early. Me and the lady had to check how to put on the lights of our new car *called Merlot’ a R4 from 1988.

merlot not on zavial

Not perfect, but epic.

We arrived first. The sky was just waking up and with the first light I paddled to the point.

snap zavial
If i say it was perfect I would lie. But being all alone in the warm water on a summer morning was absolutely epic. 
pocket zavial
My turns slowly but surely improving… finally. 

It is always fun to share good surf with friends. But having all the waves for you has something too 😉
My girlfriend took some super nice pics and video’s and played with the dog. As the tide pushed higher and my arms started to fall off the rest of the world woke up. This was the perfect moment to catch a wave in and score a second breakfast.

surf couple
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