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Amado private surf

Surf in Amado,

What to do when you have a super stoked guest from Dubai frothing to go surf guiding, but the wind looks bad? Well one of the options is to go to Amado! Usually this beach is pretty busy. It didn’t take much negotiation to convince my new friend we had to leave a little early, and off we went.

amado from a distance

*This is on the way back, Amado from quite a distance.) 

amado after surf

Big happy shaka.

Private line-up.

We didn’t expect it to be very busy. But what we found at Amado was amazing. Al-tough the car park was pretty packed with Spanish surf campers, the beach was still completely empty.

amado turn

I think we set a record how fast we got into our wetsuits and in the water. The waves were really fun. We surfed till our arms fell off and got out. Tired and satisfied. At this point the rest of the world had waken up. As we walked back we saw about a thousand surfers to-be walking up the beach. All carrying big heavy soft tops and wearing colored rash vests. Really happy we did not have to slalom surf around them.

With the day still young we took a little d-tour home and we shared big surf stories with crazy Dubai-living facts. And what better way to fill up all those lost calories with this:

after surf bbq

After surf bbq.


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