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Offshore surf Cordoama

cordoama offshore

Offshore in Summer,

Most summer days I try to make my guests to wake up early and go surf before the onshore wind kicks in.

cordoama beach
Here’s a nice example of one of those early morning adventures. The mist still on the beach. 

This week was different. After a long wait we got a south east swell *and wind, giving us offshore on the west coast. (and small waves on the south as well). The swell was pretty average but with the wind the right direction we got some super fun surf.

cordoama offshore angle
Here’s a picture of the peak left from the one we were surfing that day. 

Not crowded,

With the car park absolutely jammed with cars and ques to the beaches you would expect it to be very busy in the line up. It’s not. Well, there are spots that are very busy but it’s my job as a surfguide to bring you to the less crowded ones. As long as its not a friday afternoon or sunday, it is surprisingly calm in the water. Most tourist are here to lay on the beach instead of going into that freezing ocean.

cordoama offshore
Fun rippable size waves making it the perfect canvas to practice whatever you got. 


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