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boardshort session at meia praia.

meia praia surf good turn

Surf in Meia Praia,

Is it surf on Meia praia. Or is it Surf on Meia praia? I’m not sure. All I am sure of is that we do not get enough of it.

meia praia surf girl
Its always a little mind game; Do we drive west and have offshore possible epic surf. Or do we stay close for once and surf nice friendly waves. By friendly I do not mean boring. 
meia praia surf good turn
But by far the best thing about the surf in Meia Praia is that its warm. The swell gets pushed from the warmer waters near morocco and gives us a few days surf in board shorts. The vibe in the water is super fun. All the schools are on the beach. Together with all the holiday tourists it feels almost like a small festival.
meia praia boardshort session
Honestly, I am always cold. So to see me surfing in shorts it must be really hot. The last time we were so comfortable in the water was probably in Costa Rica 5 years ago. So to celebrate this event, we will serve a Costa Rican dish for our (non) surfer friends tonight. What are we going to eat? Rice and beans and Piri-piri chicken!!! *galjo Pinto. 
meia praia surfer
Mr. Surfguide Algarve in his favorite board shorts. 
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