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First big swell celebrated in Luz

luz surf (2)

Small waves in luz,

A Dutch surfer I guided a few months ago shared my contact with a dude who was planning his holidays to the Algarve. Word of mouth rules if you ask me. He knew all the ins and outs about the surf guiding already and could not wait to surf. The first day we scored super good waves in Cordoama. As much as he loved the experience, he asked me if there was an option to find somewhat smaller waves for the second surfguide mission.

luz surf (2)
So, mission completed?

Big swell,

There was a really big swell hitting our coast. With a massive period I had my hopes high and so did ny guest. Because you never can be 100% sure how these big swells behave, if they come in on time etc. I asked if it was a good idea to make it into a little surf adventure. (So he would take his wife and kid and we didnt have to be back at a certain time.)

surf baby
I think this is my smallest guest so far.
surf rental car
Altough my car is a milion times better looking, nothing beats a rental.
luz surfers
With just one other guy out when we arrived it could not have been any better. We shared some great little waves. My guest never surfed on a reef before and was super stoked about the power of the waves and the easy positioning. When the line up filled up and it got to busy for our liking we decided to hit te road and go for a second session somewhere else. See zavial for the rest of the adventure. 
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