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Porto de Mos small wave fun

porto de mos surfer

Small waves, please?

If you ask me really nicely I will take you to small waves. My kind of self created job description is that I take surfers to the best wave that is suited for their level. So if you are a chick from New York and you ask me really nice to find some small waves… lets do it!

porto de mos surf girl

New York surfer girl in her element with piri piri, also in his element.  

The girls request was pretty simple. She likes small waves on a big board. Normally I cant offer either of the two. The biggest board I have in my surfguide rental quiver is a 7/10 and a 8ft foamy. Personally I ride big toe high up to almost double overhead on a the same 5/7. But thats just me.

porto de mos surfer

Unknown porto de mos surfer.

Exceptionally surf

Before you all start to email with nice request for small waves…this was one of those days that is very exceptional. This girl got just extremely lucky. Well, sort off. She told me that her holiday actually would have taken place a thousand kilometer up north in France. The forecast looked so big and miserable that she booked a flight into the unknown towards the sunny Algarve. Got in touch with me and here is the result.

porto de mos wave

Porto de mos wave. Is it still a drop in when the surfer is this far away?

porto de mos surfchick

The simple reason I have a few nice shots is that the tide became much to high very quickly for my shortboard. She on the other hand stayed in way longer. And with very good reason. Stoked with our little score. 

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