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Zavial on steroids

zavial surfguide algarve barrel

Zavial with the capital Z,

Sometimes you just get lucky.

zavial barrel left
Zavial barrel left.

We, me and the boys. Boys? The two hardcore surfer boys from Rotterdam/Roffa who were my first ever guiding guests and made it into a habit to come visit me 2 times a year ever since. We went to Zavial. It should be good, it should be offshore…but that we would get this:

zavial surfguide turn
zavial surfguide turn to barrel combo:
zavial surfguide barrel
zavial surfguide barrel.
zavial surfguide algarve barrel
Surfguide algarve barrel.

Surf pictures,

Because a picture says a more than a thousand words. And you kind of can imagine how heavy some of the waves were.

zavial big wave
Big wave zavial… This is a unknown ripper who got by probably the biggest wave of the day. Very stoked he got it off the boogieboarders who were kind of taking over by this point. Needless to say we were all super stoked and had water everywhere.
zavial lucky
Lucky my board is still in one piece after this adventure as well.
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