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Castalejo epic surf


Epic surf,

Ask any person here in the Algarve who knows me just a little bit to describe me, it will go like this: “If I have to believe him the surf is always epic and he is absolutely always stoked…” Maybe it is because I did not grow up in conditions like these. Or maybe its because I am just always stoked to surf.

castalejo swell

But, would you not?

This particular day had the potential to be really epic. And I mean just super good surf, where other people maybe also would use the word Epic.


Castalejo epic? (this picture is actually taken by a surf buddy while we were out there.) 

Private surf,

The surf guiding is always (semi) private. But of course that does not guarantee that we will be the only ones in the water. This morning we got lucky. When we arrived there was not a single person out. We got into our wetsuits as soon as we could and paddled out.

castalejo left

This was actually one of the smaller waves, but with my friend & guest on it with the light behind it a sweet wave.

castalejo surf

While the tide pushed in and the sun came out, so did the people. We surfed until we could not paddle anymore and chilled for a bit watching the waves. 

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